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Jul 13, 2022

Full-time Dedicated Team Model in Software Outsourcing

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  • A full-time dedicated team model in software outsourcing is the method of using remote resources with professionals specifically selected for your software development.

    What is a Full-time Dedicated Team Model?

    dedicated team model is the method of collaboration between a client and an outsourced team of software developers on a long-term basis. To be clear, this team is considered to be remotely in-house resources with professionals specifically selected for your business goals.


    Moreover, all the administrative expenses and tasks such as recruitment, tax and social benefit plus all the necessary facilities such as desk, laptop, and internet are on our side. We are also in charge of signing contracts and training the team members to meet your requirements. Therefore, you can focus on the success of your project and high-level business issues with a reasonable management fee. 


    Read more advantages and disadvantages at: https://spiritlabs.co/blog/dedicated-team-services-pros-and-cons

    Who Gets Involved in a Full-time Dedicated Team?

    Business requirements decide specific resources needed for your project. Put simply, your development team may include the following functions:

    • Front-end/Back-end/Full-stack Development
    • UI/UX Design
    • DevOps Engineering
    • Testing
    • Business Analysis
    • Project Management

    How does SPIRIT LABS’ Full-time Dedicated Team Work?‍

    In the spirit of being your partner and making your ideas become reality, there are stages operated for cooperation.

    • First of all, we need to kick off the project with the clarity of: 
      • Scope of work
      • Required number of team members
      • Talents Selection: Specific skill sets
      • Cost negotiation 
    • Secondly, after coming into agreement on the contract term, Spirit Labs manages the project timeline and organizes workloads to facilitate the process of unifying between the client and the dedicated team. We are also willing to provide additional recruitment if other specialists are required.
    • Thirdly, the development phase of the project begins when the in-house development team and the Spirit Labs’ full-time dedicated team work together on the assigned tasks from the client. To maintain the employee effectiveness, meetings are regularly scheduled on both sides.
    • Lastly, the buyout is possible when clients want to keep the team or hire them directly, Spirit Labs can help out to ensure the growth of our clients and members of the dedicated team.


    We currently provide:

    • Back-end Engineers: Node.js, Go, PHP
    • Front-end Engineers: React, Angular, VueJS
    • DevOps Engineer: experienced with cloud services
    • Site Reliability Engineers (SRE)
    • Manual and/or Automation Testers
    • Business Analysts
    • UI/UX Design

    4 Reasons Why You Should Choose SPIRIT LABS’ dedicated team

    Cost-effective Pricing

    Recruiting a typical team in software development takes businesses a great deal of time and investment. To have a cost-effective solution, we offer a dedicated team service with human resources management, from recruitment, infrastructure, to insurance and bonuses. Therefore, businesses can focus on the success of your product with Spirit Labs.

    Scalable Solutions

    Scalable solutions embrace the businesses at any stage of the working process. Whether it is a long-term or short-term project, scaling up and reconfiguring is always possible to fully support your business and to make "scalability" a stated criteria for your project decisions.

    Specific Expertise

    We are ready to offer a pool of specific expertise – Frontend, Backend Development, Testing, or UX/UI design – to leverage your in-house resources with the agile practices. Your business no longer struggles to recruit a local development team with required hard skills as Spirit Labs’ talent pool is always available for you to have access to.

    Inside-out Control & Engagement

    ​​Clients get full control over the management and motivation of resources and infrastructure, all of which are tailored to the project requirements. Notably, members of the dedicated team are able to flexibly adapt to any change in the working process, so the scalability of your business is digitally boundless.


    By choosing Spirit Labs’ dedicated development team, not only will you cut unnecessary costs but also save time to the success of your product. We are proud to be the best choice for your business to empower projects with extraordinary advantages in talent pool and software outsourcing.




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