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Nov 04, 2021

Dedicated Team Services: Pros and Cons

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  • Have you ever heard about this term when it comes to the IT industry? Or have you prepared to hire a dedicated development team but there’s a lot of things you are wondering about?

    In this article, we will give you an overview of a dedicated team to help you make the best decision for your business in this industry 4.0.

    Dedicated Team Services — What should you know?

    Dedicated Team Services is an outsourcing business model that refers to an agreement between the client and service provider, when a company provides software development professionals to the client on a long term basis. These IT specialists are chosen based on the demands of the client for their experience and skill sets. The client can build and manage talents just like their in-house employees.


    To sum up, a dedicated software development model is a cost-effective alternative to an in-house development approach.

    How does Dedicated Team Model work?

    The process of hiring a dedicated development team begins with a company providing the goals, timeline, and scope of the project. The team and the client both agree on the workload and project requirements for the specified amount of time. It is always recommended to specify the skills that the dedicated team members should possess and the number of developers required to work on your project.


    In addition, you can either choose to onboard them for a project immediately or conduct additional interviews to gauge their abilities. You can ask the outsourcing company to add or replace developers depending on their expertise if necessary. A dedicated team development must follow the newest trends and best practices in software development, encourage different agile methodologies, and strictly obey security protocols — all for scalable solutions.

    Pros and Cons of Dedicated Team Services


    • Create global partnership: You have unlimited access to international talents from all over the world. With just some clicks searching on the internet, you can approach thousands of service providers all over the world. However, make sure that you have researched deeply about that company in order not to cooperate with an unreliable and fraudulent one.
    • Cost-effective pricing: One of the major benefits of dedicated team services is cost-efficiency. It is cheaper and faster than gathering an in-house team of your own. With hiring a full-time software development team, you have to consider numerous candidates, consider their pros and cons, hard and soft skills, and their role in the grand scheme of things. It takes a lot of time and effort to gather the team that suits your project properly.
    • Quick turnaround time: Having a dedicated development team makes sure that the people in charge of addressing your software requirements are working exclusively for you, thereby, making your work a priority. What’s more, at the time of signing your initial agreement, you will propose estimated timelines that you can go over and then begin the project with a mutual consent of the deadlines.
    • Full control & Transparency: Exactly like your in-house employees, Dedicated teams use time tracking and task management solutions which the customer can access upon request. This helps them to be on the same page and gives the client an opportunity to check on the progress themselves.
    • Stable and fully dedicated to a particular client: Another advantage of a dedicated development team is its full involvement in solution development. The vendor thus provides a team that is not easily distracted by working on other projects leading to the increased adaptability of team members. It allows clients to easily reconfigure the team at any stage of the working process as required.


    • Communication problems: With a group of people working remotely, communication will take place through email and other online tools, which are . Additionally, there is the problem of time zones, your team may be located so far away that sometimes the working hours between two parties will not fit with each other. However, these problems are not a big deal if two parties can come to an agreement of work hours before getting started.
    • Not a one-size-fits-all model: Though a dedicated team is beneficial, it’s not the right choice for you when one of the following is true: you don’t trust your vendor, your budget is limited, or the project is small. It’s also not a good fit when your project plan is ready and very detailed, deadlines are defined, quality is a secondary priority for you, and you know that no changes to the scope might occur.
    • Not compatible with small and short-term projects: The Dedicated Team Model isn’t suitable for small projects with a short duration. Moreover, the majority of IT Outsourcing Suppliers do not provide teams for less than 6 months duration. In this case you can choose a Project-based approach.



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