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Jun 30, 2022

Top 10 Best NFT Games in 2022

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  • NFTs are rising and dominating the conversation on social media. If you like keeping up with trends, you will definitely know that NFTs, especially NFT games, are in vogue with the integration of traditional gaming design and innovative mechanisms. So, what game should you start exploring first to have an overview of the market? 

    Here are Spirit Labs' suggestions for the Top 10 Best NFT Games to play in 2022. 

    Axie Infinity

    axie infinity is a collecting game
    • Genre: Pokemon
    • Ecosystem: Sky Mavis
    • Launch date: March 2018
    • Token(s): AXS
    • Cost to start: $29 (0.01 AXS)


    Axie Infinity is a game about collecting, raising and battling cute fantasy creatures called Axie. Your mission is to build teams of Axies and fight against your enemies. Each Axie has unique strengths and weaknesses based on its profile. With billions of possible genetic combinations, the possibilities are truly infinite, so you can become a land baron and start your own Kingdom. By that way, earning AXS tokens by playing and using decides the future of the game.

    Alien Worlds

    Alien Worlds is an NFT Metaverse with seven planets
    • Genre: Interplanetary Planet Simulation
    • Ecosystem: Ethereum, WAX, BNB Chain
    • Launch date: December 2020
    • Token(s): ERC-20 / BEP-20 / WAX
    • Cost to start: Free


    Alien Worlds is an NFT Metaverse with seven planets, in which players collaborate and compete to earn what is referred to as Trilium (TLM) and trade these for real money. Players can also stake Trilium to planets to vote in the upcoming planetary elections and increase the Planet’s reward pool. Moreover, you may need to set up some strategies to mine and fight when trading game cards.

    Gods Unchained

    gods unchained is the trading card game
    • Genre: Trading Card Game 
    • Ecosystem: Immutable X, Ethereum
    • Launch date: March 2021
    • Token(s): $GODS
    • Cost to start: Free


    Gods Unchained is a virtual trading card game optimizing digital cards that players can turn in for cash easily. Each card represents a character with special abilities to fight with enemies, so you can earn more cards by winning, or you just simply buy them from other players. 


    Notably, Gods Unchained emphasizes skills and strategies as it has a ranking for users who have the specific achievements to be in the same battle. Whenever you win a match, the achievement bar would be filled and upgraded for you to receive new and upgraded cards.

    The Sandbox

    The Sandbox is a Metaverse game built on voxel
    • Genre: Game Creation
    • Ecosystem: Ethereum
    • Launch: November 2021
    • Token(s): SAND, LAND
    • Cost to start: Free


    The Sandbox is a Metaverse game built on voxel which is considered as blockchain-based Minecraft or Roblox. In this platform, players can create and sell their items. Besides, a whole new game is easily set up with customized features within The Sandbox.


    It has been stated as the most successful NFT game so far thanks to the opportunities for players to design anything. You are able to develop your own world and discover other players’ space in the metaverse of The Sandbox.


    Splinterlands is the virtual trading card game
    • Genre: Trading Card Game
    • Ecosystem: Splinterlands
    • Launch date: May 2022
    • Token(s): WAX
    • Cost to start: Free


    As Gods Unchained, the virtual trading card game Splinterlands makes it easy to earn on a daily basis. Players can win rewards from tournaments, ranked play, and quests. There is always an opportunity to earn despite skill level or collection size. Among the many prizes you may win are collectible cards of varying rarity, card packs, magic potions, etc. Another unique point of Splinterlands is that the game has its own blockchain, which provides in-game stability and frequent upgrades to the trading card game.


    sorare is the fantasy football game
    • Genre: Fantasy Football
    • Ecosystem: Sorare
    • Launch date: March 2019
    • Token(s): Ethereum
    • Cost to start: Free


    Harnessing real-life football tournaments and major football leagues, this NFT game – Sorare allows you to collect cards and pit them against each other. Your card collection will be influenced by football events’ real data around the world. 


    There are over 200 licensed clubs in the game such as Real Madrid, Liverpool and Bayern Munich. You can join for free but you will need to purchase rare cards if you want to establish a good team to get further in the game.

    The Walking Dead: Empires

    the walking dead empires is the MMORPG and survival game
    • Genre: MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), Survival
    • Ecosystem: Gala Games    
    • Launch date: December 2021
    • Token(s): DeadCoin (Ethereum)
    • Cost to start: Free


    This is a good choice for fans of survival games as this multiplayer game is set in the treacherous world of the hit AMC TV series – The Walking Dead. In this blockchain-powered MMO, players can team up with allies, compete against maniacal foes, and always beware the dead.


    When players own land in this game, they earn more rewards. There is a lot of activity within their territory–whether it’s buying and selling or fighting and killing. This means players will have to build a strong base or invite other players to settle on your land, which you can develop together for survival.

    DeFi Kingdoms

    DeFi Kingdoms is the first game built on the value of NFT and old style of pixel graphics
    • Genre: MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), GameFi
    • Ecosystem: Harmony, DFK Chain
    • Launch date: Aug 2021
    • Token(s): Jewel
    • Cost to start: Free


    In the blockchain-based Harmony, DeFi Kingdoms is considered to be one of the first games built on the value of NFT and old style of pixel graphics. Land yourself a Hero with unique appearance and profession (i.e. miner, gardener, forager, fisher) for rewards.

    If you have not used any DeFi protocols due to the steep learning curve, Defi Kingdoms might just be the perfect entry point for you. Even for DeFi veterans, DeFi Kingdoms is a good game that offers a unique gamification of what is usually a dull, mercenarial affair. 

    The Parallel

    the parallel is the trading card game
    • Genre: Trading Card Game 
    • Ecosystem: Binance Smart Chain
    • Launch date:
    • Token(s): PRL
    • Cost to start: Free 

    The Parallel aims to build an infinite Metaverse with endless gaming, entertaining and social experiences. It is an ecosystem where users can enjoy, play, and create together. The Parallel allows players to come together and develop a world of infinite opportunities. In this world, Runes form the building block and are essential for developing NFT game elements called Paragons. They also have an impact on different game elements such as attributes, power, earning yield, and runic energy. 


    Illuvium is one of the most anticipated P2E games in 2022
    • Genre: RPG, Auto-battler
    • Ecosystem: Immutable X
    • Launch: Q1 2022 (Beta)
    • Token(s): ILV
    • Cost to start: TBC

    Illuvium is one of the most anticipated P2E titles to drop in 2022, which is touted as the the first decentralized AAA blockchain-based game to grace the cryptoverse. This game is for you if you like the concept of Pokemon that a fusion of characters will turn out to be different for the revolution. The game sets players on an adventure in a fantastical world called Illuvials. They get to explore and capture creatures on the way. Illuvials and all other in-game items will be stored on-chain as NFTs in the player’s wallet, and thus can be sold for profit or traded freely.



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