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Jul 19, 2022

How Spirit Labs Communicate with Clients in Projects

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  • Communication is the key to a product’s success. As the IT outsourcing service provider, we adapt agile methodology and dedication to support and accompany you for best digital solutions in line with uttermost connection. 


    The communication ability of an IT outsourcing company determines the workflow of the project. As well, it helps to define requirements and negotiate on problem solving. Lack of communication leads to time and human resources dissipation, when both IT solution providers and clients are stuck with the issues, while not able to speak the same language.

    Let’s take a look at some common communication challenges in project management.

    • Culture and language are the most observable barriers in the industry of IT outsourcing. Beside good skill sets and strong service orientations, if specialists are incapable of understanding project’s requirements and expectations, assigned tasks can not be executed properly.
    • Poor communication happens when some terms and problems are inconsonant and challenging to understand. This may come from the lack of communication due to time constraints, in which team members live in different time zones, or they cannot arrange meetings. Moreover, unclear project descriptions and additional requirements can cause serious misunderstandings, which leads to unnecessary overtime working.
    • Business objectives are what both IT outsourcing service companies and its clients need to agree prior to exceeding the process. This is the most essential part in the working partnership, as often clients are unaware that some tasks can not be executed from the programming viewpoint. In contrast, IT outsourcing specialists occasionally suggest unrealistic software development ideas which may not adapt to business activities.


    So, what differentiates Spirit Labs from other software development companies, and what Spirit Labs can bring to you as an IT digital solution partner?


    Read more about “Why You Should Choose Spirit Labs as an IT Outsourcing Partner?”: https://spiritlabs.co/blog/it-outsourcing-services


    Agile practices are applied into our working method, which provides a clear path for your great experiences while partnering with Spirit Labs. After kicking off partnership with free consultation, we support our clients immediately in product validation. Moreover, we prevent project task failure by setting up daily stand-up meetings depending on different time zones, via online communication platforms such as Slack, Skype and Zoom.

    Together, we build a strong legacy and a firm foundation, where you can continue to create more values in the further development. 


    We love to adapt agile methodology in ways of implementing the development process, as we truly acknowledge the importance of timing and scalable changes in the project delivery. Working with proven flexible practices creates a greater outcome while also being cost-effective. All thanks to the good command on both sides.


    In the spirit of innovation, we constantly communicate and desire to make things happen. Furthermore, we are committed to doing what is best for our clients, and continuously revolutionize each member of our team to achieve big goals.


    After kicking off the projects with our clients, there are 3 steps in the development process.

    1. Product Research
      This is the most essential milestone to the success of your project. To define your requirements and expectations, our team of specialists with specific skills work to divide a complex whole into its parts and create an executive plan. The Project Manager and Business Development Manager get involved to analyze, manage and align with your scalability simultaneously.
    2. UI/UX Design & Product Conceptualization
      To generate what is in your imagination about the products, we utilize the intuitive methods of user stories and conceptualize your ideas into explicit images.
    3. Development Build-out
      In this stage, developers and UX/UI designers work back and forth to structure your products with the practices of agility and Scrum methodology. This ensures that your feedback on the project is timely consulted and responded to create an outstanding product in great shape of front-end and back-end advancement.


    The huge advantage of choosing an IT outsourcing service is that you can have full concentration on the success of your projects, while we would be your partner to make your ideas become a reality. Moreover, Spirit Labs manages the team quality, plus all the administrative tasks such as salary, insurance and work devices. The Business Development Management and Human Resources are pleased to listen to your feedback and alter team resources, in which we train our developers or recruit potential candidates to meet your requirements.

    In case you need additional support to run or maintain your project, we are available to help. Hard skills training, soft skills workshops, English classes become regular activities for the career path and employee growth at Spirit Labs. That is why language barriers are not the obstacle to a smooth workflow. Our offshore team is capable of understanding requirements and executing them as expected. That being said, we are always ready for the adaptation or scalability of your business.


    CONTACT US FOR YOUR NEXT PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: https://spiritlabs.co/contact-us






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