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Apr 19, 2022

What should Freshers do in the first year on their job?

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  • Freshers are fresh graduates or newbies who are pursuing a career in Information Technology. Every freshman ever wonders what steps they need to take to kick off their career path smoothly to follow their dreams. Let’s figure out how many factors that Freshers need to take care of in their first year at IT companies so as to gain some skills and get more tips for yourself.


    Knowledge is the most essential factor for the mindset, the ability and the potential in the IT industry. Even though you plan to become a Front-end Developer, a Back-end Developer or a Full-stack Developer, try to develop yourself with the model of T-shape. Not only do you gain knowledge across different technological skills, but also you strengthen your education in one specific function. For that reason, the greatest way to start your career path is to have a full understanding of a programming language that you can take full advantage of to use in many other fields. For instance, the language Javascript can be chosen to apply in the fields of Front-end, Back-end, Devops, Mobile, etc.


    If you have not decided which programming function to start with yet, you need to determine the most popular language which is able to approach as many categories as feasible. As a consequence, there are open doors for Freshers to experience and promote your strengths. What is the next step? If the Front-end is suitable for you, you will need to master HTML, CSS, Javascript. If you want to work on the Back-end, educating yourself with C#, .NET is absolutely a must.


    Though, as you gain expertise, do not forget to continue to learn vertical and horizontal.


    Simply abandon the notion that IT professionals must be able to read and write in English. Reading, writing, speaking, and listening are the four skills that must be achieved in the 4.0 age. Communication with overseas co-workers or clients is usual in addition to coding tasks. Furthermore, because current and professional materials are rarely translated into Vietnamese, Freshers are expected to have strong language abilities in order to acquire new knowledge quickly and accurately.


    Young people could also learn more than one second language to help them with the job. As a result, you are more likely to get promoted to a higher job.

    Soft Skills

    In addition to hard skills and linguistic abilities, Freshmen will have to learn how to work together efficiently. Several small groups are formed to execute an Information Technology project, so the good teamwork will undoubtedly boost the workflow and help people interact with one another. 


    In addition, time management skills, planning and problem solving are necessarily required due to the massive workloads. If Freshers are not adept at arranging works, the workload will force Freshers to overwork, draining your energy. Actively organizing aids in ensuring outputs and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

    IT Certificates

    Although practical skills are more vital than IT qualifications, young individuals should strive for international certificates like CGEIT and MCSE. It could be a plus point for you to get promoted or work in related industries. Besides, if you intend to advance in Devops, Amazon’s cloud certification or Google credentials can be stated as significant accomplishments.


    Keeping on leveling up yourself and gaining new certificates helps newbies always set greater goals. Hence, problem-solving and creative-thinking abilities will be consistently evaluated.


    Having a mentor for the very first steps in the first year on your job assists Freshers in daily tasks and goal orientation. “Mentor” can refer to a group of people representing your ideal team. Thus, Freshers will get chances to meet and learn from people with diverse perspectives.


    Being mentored by a capable leader can serve as a solid basis for the next few years. Hence, young people should make informed judgments about mentors or join a good team to receive full support in vision.


    If you are a recent graduate looking for a place to start your career, Spirit Labs is the noticeable choice. When you become a member of Spirit Labs family, you have access to worldwide projects led by teams of tech talents. Moreover, every colleague is always willing to support one another to grow and figure out the next stages in their careers. Therefore, you not only work with zeal to pursue your ambition of working in Information Technology, but you also improve your professional abilities to become an expert developer in the field.


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